And they are off and coming around the east bend, the never gelded Trump’s Gold in the lead with Carson’s Scapel just two lengths behind. But, wait a minute folks, you don’t need binoculars to see this, look at this challenger coming up fast, Fiorina’s Facts, sleek and shiney, no sweat on this one……OhOh you coulda put a nickel on one of these. Meantime at the starting gate there are still the challengers from Big Dome Farms: Rubio’s Perfect English and Cruz’s I.Q., and you should keep an eye on them. On the other side of the track in the west pasture there is Hillary’s Defense eating too much grass, and Sander’s Outta History eating not quite enough. Meanwhile Friendly Jeb remains at the gate while the mechanics are working on the hinge, The other schedules horses have refused to egress their stalls until it was proven that the crowd likes them. So!