This is just disturbing! This happened at a crosswalk in Philadelphia where a man by the name of Edward Archer later confessed to the crime where Officer Jesse Hartnett’s squad car was just at the wrong place at the wrong time… Archer apparently unloaded a gun at him at point blank range, what made things really feel unsettling was the fact that this guy then and told the police that he allegedly attacked the police officer claiming that his actions were for the known terrorist group ISIS.

“He was trying to assassinate this police officer,” police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

What the ISIS fanatic didn’t take into account was the fact that the officer he tried to gun down was tough as nails! Even with 3 bullet wounds and his left arm dangling, bloody and battered Officer Hartnett got out of the car and chased down the would be assailant shooting the suspect in the buttocks.

Officer Jesse Hartnett’s bravery in the face of danger would ensure the suspect didn’t get away to do it again.