Vert Shock is here to take your dunking game to the next level. Hi Ian, i would not add heavy leg instruction for the duration of the Vert Shock coaching. Plyometric exercises are very intense and need muscles which are at one hundred%. I would full the folker system vert shock and start operating on your all round strength following that. I personally did weight coaching on and off for the last 12 years.

I decided to go with the Vert Shock program given that the guys who produced it have a large reputation to their name, beginning with Justin Darlington, who’s identified a lot more as Justin ‘Jus Fly’. At the moment, Jus Fly is a single of the hottest names in the world of dunking, winning each dunk competitors out there, including the Nike Dunk Contest with Lebron James and Anthony Davis.

So alternatively of growing your jump via overtraining like most jump instruction applications do (this not only does not perform but also causes serious injuries like patellar tendonitis), we use breakthrough exercises to laser-target these ‘super fibers’, exponentially growing the inches you add to your jump every and every single week with less work.

Vert Shock is very a lot a legit plan, it really is not a scam like numerous other applications that promise unrealistic results in an unrealistic time-frame. The men and women who designed it are two extremely trustworthy folks and their name is attached to it, simply because of that Vert Shock is one of the most genuine systems you’ll ever encounter and it really is definitely not a scam.

I am in the third week of Vert Shock. I gained four.5 inches in the 1st week, but practically nothing in the second week. I’m into week three now and I was asking yourself if you did strength training on you legs prior to carrying out this plan? Do you consider it would be okay to add strength coaching of legs into this programme? My legs aren’t as well powerful to be truthful.