FAQ by Listing

Wavepeg is a new social networking website that combines your social interests and professional expertise  in one site. It is an online community to serve your professional and social worlds. And, it is free – to use, peruse, and to quote when necessary.
A World is your profession. It is your interest – in sports, arts, science, entertainment, and many other things. We have over 90 worlds and growing.
Once you’ve registered and logged in, you can pick a world to join by clicking on Worlds on the header or one of the Worlds on the left-hand sidebar. Click on the World you’re interested in and click on the ‘Join World’ button.
Joining a World on Wavepeg means that you will get peg updates of that World. When you Join a World, you’ll find the World’s activity on your homepage.
A peg is a message within a World written in 399 spaces and can include photos, videos, or links. You can write a peg once you’ve signed up. Just join a World of your profession or interest then you can start posting pegs! The character count at the bottom would help you determine how many spaces you still have left.
In our opinion, it is an ideal length to convey a full, concise, and convincing message. Just read some of our pegs and you’ll understand the practical nature of this number.
You can find people to follow when you click on the Members page from the website header. You can search for specific members once you’re on the page. You can also click on anyone’s name to go to their user profile and follow them from there.
Following a member on Wavepeg means that you will get their peg updates. When you follow someone, you’ll find their activity on your homepage.
You can find the list of members you’re following when you click ‘following’ on your homepage sidebar or on your profile.
You can find the list of members who are following you when you click ‘followers’ on your homepage sidebar or on your profile.
Pegs are public for everyone to see. Your pegs can be read by those who follow you or joined the Worlds you’ve posted in.
Yes, just click “share” and you can share on other social network sites of click on the envelope icon to send it, and a comment,  by email to anyone in your address book in a true social interaction with the site.
You can reply to a peg by first expanding it by clicking on the title. Press the “thought balloon” icon and enter your message. Then simply click on ‘post’.
If you want to pull a member’s attention to a peg, you can mention them by tagging their username. To tag a member to a peg use the symbol ‘@’ plus the username, as in @username.
Private messages are sent from one Wavepeg member to other Wavepeg members. They do not appear in public for anyone else to read. You can start a conversation with anyone who follows you.
A peg with a tagged user is a public post while a Private Message is only between the sender and its recipients.
Yes, just click the title of the relevant peg to expand it. Then click on the ‘Edit’ button.
When writing a peg, you can click on the ‘upload media’ button then attach the relevant file to the post.
Go to your profile page by clicking on your name located on the left-hand sidebar or on the right side of the header. Click on ‘Profile’ then click on ‘Change Profile Photo’. Click on the ‘Choose File’ button to find the relevant photo in your computer. Once you’ve found it and clicked on it, click on the ‘Upload Image’ button.
A LongPeg allows you to write freely in 2000 words. This is in contrast to a normal peg which only allows for 399 characters.
Premium membership (available for US$5/month) has the following benefits: (a) having a verified account, (b) writing a LongPeg, and (c) creating private/secret worlds – subject to Wavepeg approval. Send us a message at the “Contact Us” page if you’d like this feature.
We don’t like it anymore than you do. Just send a notice to our administrator and we will delete it if we think that necessary, or report it to authorities if there is a legal question attached.
Accounts may be suspended for violating Wavepeg’s Terms of Service or for spam investigation.
You can read more about Wavepeg’s Terms of Service by clicking here.
Review our Terms of Service section to see what would be considered a violation and how to go about fixing a related problem.
This is the number of pegs that have been posted in a day in that World.