Launched during November 2012, the Android smart-phone Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini is known for its dual-core processor with a 5 megapixel front & rear camera. The mini smart-phone weighs approximately 111 grams and features a 4.8 inch screen of 122 x 63 x 9.9 mm in dimension. The new smart-phone is so compact, but has great multitasking functions.

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Adobe Reader which is used for viewing and sharing PDF formatted documents. You’ll find it had a freehand drawing feature utilised for marking up documents; you may also put password-protected documents.

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This free app offers you quick regarding a associated with free tips! Instantly look up any subject for a stream of knowledge and writing. You can bookmark your favourite searches as there is a nifty option that lets you tweet about whatever you’ve found.

I’m sure you’ve seen all your friend’s lovely filtered photos on social networking sites. Well, now you can produce your own inspiring photos with the totally free Instagram mobile app. The special filters turn any photo into a visual piece of art which can be instantly uploaded to Twitter or Facebook.

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The Instagram app was reportedly updated to version 4.0.0 of respective app stores. However, we observed that when we installed — fresh — Instagram on our Galaxy S4, we received version 3.5.3. In addition, some of the reviews with the Android version said that — available on the market received nine.0.0 — there was no video button on the camera screen.