First, The FBI has reported that 96 police officers were killed in 2014 (most recent analysis). Of these terrible deaths, 46 were by gun fire. I cannot escape the thought that approaching a vehicle stopped for an infraction must be the most frightening thing any police officer can do, but, then I thought, what about responding to a domestic dispute, or a report of an imbalanced person, or even a simple bar argument, or a political protest? Yes, the police officer’s job is 24/7 dangerous, and no one can ever say anything different.
And just recently the Unted States Fire Administration reported that 91 firefighters were killed in the line of duty in 2014. Fifty six were volunteer firefighters, 30 were paid career firefighters and 5 were killed in wild land fires. Firefighting, as well, is a 24/7 dangerous occupation, and losing 91 is an unthinkable number. Yet, it is down significantly from previous years, and I am hoping that the reduction in occupation-connected life loss is connected to a new safety environment and the result of National Fire Fighter Near – Miss Reporting System. found on face book, and originally instituted by the combined efforts of the IAFF (afl-cio) and The International Association of Fire Chiefs. The men and women in blue, police officers and firefighters are the most vital Americans on the home front, and I hope no newspaper editor forgets that.