Nothing rewards customer loyalty like a free cup of coffee, sandwich or insert name of dozens of other inexpensive giveaway items here. Once customers have already bought in, this program will encourage users to return to the dry cleaner where they can forever take advantage of their discount. Loyal customers also tend to tell their friends about their favorite businesses, so the company can benefit from more word-of-mouth marketing both offline and online.

For a £300 set-up fee, plus an ongoing subscription of £20 a month, the company provides a pack of plastic loyalty cards with the merchant’s own branding. By rewarding consumer members with local rewards like a nights’ accommodation at a locally-owned hotel or bed & breakfast for example, both the environment and community will benefit much more than if the points are used for a trip abroad.

These types of Loyalty programs for local business programs may work best for retail stores. The pet supplies store has set up its scheme so that customers collect points, which they can redeem for money-off vouchers. Using this program, customers only need to put in their phone number to sign up. No one needs anything special to become a member.

At the store, the customer activates the mobile app and selects the voucher or offer to be redeemed. Many participating businesses that have enthusiastically embraced the Lucky Buys Reward program have achieved increases of over 15% in customer spending and increase of over 30% in customer visits.

Since these programs can begin very simply and then expand as the business grows, they are an efficient and effective way to market that most small business owners should consider. The Starbucks iPhone App allows the customer to load money onto their Starbucks Card, giving them the ability to pay and tip digitally.

Customers swipe their stylish Beauty Insider card at every purchase, and the card tracks the amount of money spent. 82% of U.S. adults say they’re loyal to brands, and if you’re like more than half of the brands surveyed by L2, your company has already implemented a loyalty program.

Any retail environment, whether it is a restaurant, a bakery, or a barber shop, can offer similar programs. Lastly, building customer retention and loyalty through marketing will help insult your business from competitors. Chicago-based Belly , a startup that is a fast-growing contender in the local business customer loyalty and rewards space, has raised $10 million in Series B funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

Why PennyCat is a Top Loyalty and Rewards Innovator: Anyone who loves saving money should check out PennyCat, which makes coupon and discount-hunting a breeze. The program helps small and midsize businesses establish better relationships with their customers, said Victor Ho , chief executive officer of FiveStars.

For example, we make sure that the prospect is looking for what your company is selling, that they have the money necessary to by your products and services, and that the person we are setting the appointment with is the decision maker for the company.

If your loyalty program addresses customer service issues, like expedited requests, personal contacts, or free shipping, this may be one way to measure its success. Perka – Through its Clover Rewards program, Perka offers both a free and an enhanced, fee-based version of its app for merchants.

The mobile app and the card readers are optional functionnalities. Within this program, members are able to accumulate points when they make a purchase with a selected number of retailers and businesses with which they can use to purchase flights within Qantas.

Similarly with a gift card program, consider how your customers may want to purchase and send them. Members can earn points, unlock rewards and discover local offers. But if you are not seeing the same customers repeat their shopping experience, perhaps it’s time to try a rewards program and see if discounts or exclusives are the best ways to get certain customers coming in the store.