This floating hotel is a product of London architect Gianluca Santosuosso.

It is called the MORPHotel, it has a spine-like design and a self-sustaining ecosystem that certainly has a futuristic concept in store.

The leisure hotel/sea vessel also features capsules housing guest accommodations and amenities like theaters, gardens, restaurants, and a swimming pool.

Additionally, a helipad at the far end of the vessel as well as detachable boats are also included to give guests the opportunity to explore the surrounding area within safe distance from the hotel.

The MORPHotel integrates solar panels, floating vegetable gardens, and rainwater harvesting facilities to keep the property functioning at sea. Featuring a seemingly self sustaining mobile arc of sorts that also transforms into a floating dock.

It can be docked anywhere in the world and can allow its guests to have the ability to explore on land, on different countries and even allowing locals of different nations to be given access to the on board amenities the luxury hotel offers.

This is surely a revolutionary concept that needs only to be set into reality as this is definitely one many travellers are looking into!