I remember, when I was a child, having lunch at a summer camp for kids from the tenements of New York. On the back porch of a cottage having a sandwich, I was visited by four wasps and a fly. The fly many times tried to bite into my sandwich, or whatever flies do after landing on a sandwich, but I kept shooing it away. The fly was a nuisance, but did not keep me from eating my sandwich. The wasps, on the other hand, were a genuine concern, for I knew as everyone knows, one sting from the wasp would prevent me from finishing my lunch. I knew at that moment to distinguish between nuisance and genuine threat. And how to react. This hate filled, violence loving director poses only a nuisance, for no one walking around without a keeper believes he is an intelligent man. But think of the wasps in this story. Why aren’t the police unions and associations fighting them openly and forcefully? The police should not be depending on their traditional protections – the law, the political leaders, the courts – for as we have seen in Baltimore they will just work against the police officer. The cops need to speak with one voice. Their organizations have no consequence in fighting the harmful prejudice they face each day. They need a place to freely air their concerns, and https://www.wavepeg.com is as good a place as any, or maybe the best, for them. I want to help the police, but it is not easy. Hey, Police Officer! Wavepeg.com welcomes you. Wavepeg.com cares about you. But, it’s what you say that will change the attitudes in the political organization of our American cities. Our country’s safety now depends on the collective and individual voice of our law enforcement officers.