Those are always great words to hear in an emergency'”The Fire Dept is here!!”

The last time I heard it in a fire situation I was on the Number 2 train coming back to Manhattan from the Bronx. About two years ago. We had stopped at a station in Harlem, and suddenly there was the smell of smoke. Then a lot of smoke.

The subway doors had opened. It was not long before the crowded car had mostly emptied ( I was in the head car with the motorman), people running and screaming things like ” I don’t wanna die in no fire!!”

Seeing that the smoke was all coming down from the area of the subway entrance, I decided to check out what else was going on.

The motorman was transfixed, frozen in panic. His jaw was dropped open and his eyes glazed over…His intercom kept squawking ” what’s going on there?! What’s going on there?!”

You would think I would know exactly what to do, but I didn’t. I just didn’t want to lose my head and go running towards the now billowing smoke.

Then, thank God, I heard a voice yelling ” The Fire Department is here!” and I immediately relaxed, went back inside the now basically empty subway car and just sat down. The smoke was not bad at all there.

Soon I heard more noises and looked down the platform and yes, the fire department was there.

Soon the smoke was clearing somewhat and some of the people returned back to the car where I was sitting. The motorman came out of his stupified state and hit the control to close the subway doors.

In no time at all we were rumbling along again.

What the hell had happened, exactly? i don’t know, I think there was a fire or smoke problem under one of the cars right near the place on the platform where the entrance/exits were.

I was just glad we were on our way again.

Thank you, again, FDNY!