Sen. Ted Cruz takes the two spot on the Republican primary list. I am happy for him. As a matter of fact, I would be happy for any of the candidates for they are all good and honest people, from Ron Paul to Gov. Huckabee. They have differing views, but still it comes down to honesty. Mr. Trump is out front because 35% of the Republicans believe what he is saying. Kasich is still the greatest pragmatist, and Rubio is as smart as they come. Jed Bush is the steady and reliable one and Carly has as much experience at making things work as anyone. Chris Christi’s toughness is acceptable and worth endorsing in an uncertain world, and Ben Carson remains the quiet intellectual who would always do what is right, moral, and in the best interests of America. No matter how people vote Lindsay Graham will always be one of the greatest senators in our history. I already miss Rick Perry because I always trusted him.
I am really sorry there is not a wider field on the Democrat side to give us fine individuals to choose from. I am essentially opposed to anointing people, the way Sec. Clinton has all this time been expected to be the candidate of the Democratic Party.This is why I think Jeb Bush is working so hard to gain favor. He is not anointed, but he has proven himself certainly of presidential material. So, all in all, our system is working well, though to be truthful it works better with the Republicans than the Democrats. So continue to pay attention. The show is better than any series on TV.