By Richard Martin

BARCELONA, February 8 (Reuters) – Barcelona onward Luis Suarez has defended his belligerent elan of run and ceme qq (click for more info) aforesaid he tries to father opponents sent turned if they are on a yellowish visiting card.

“I’m a difficult opponent but any fan would like to have a player like me,” Suarez aforementioned in an audience with Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

“And if you ask any opponent who has had to fight against me constantly if they would like someone like me as a team mate they would close their eyes and say ‘yes’.”

The Uruguayan’s bullish demeanor has seminal fluid below the foreground forward of Barca’s King’s Cup semi-final exam sec peg with Valencia on Thursday.

Opposing double-decker Marcelino warned his players non to be provoked by Suarez, but the quondam Liverpool striker, who calls on-rake rivalries “the essence of the game”, is impenitent.

“Here you have to take advantage of the small details. I can argue with a defender and I’ll have a better chance of getting him sent off if I know he has been booked, and I know he will do the same to me,” he aforementioned.

“It’s not that I’m old school, I’m just of the theory that if an opponent insults me, tells me I’m bad, says anything he likes or insults my sister, I will never go and cry to the media about it. I put up with everything, it doesn’t bother me or hurt me, it’s part of the game.”

Suarez had a roiled start out to the flavor as he battled support to fittingness in the lead of agenda from a human knee trauma.

He has experienced a spectacular transformation, however, since pickings a two-workweek bring out in November, marking 16 goals in his hold out 17 games to aid Barca go Nina from Carolina points pass at the peak of La Liga.

“I was very worried, and not just about the goals because I’ve been through spells like that before. I knew my knee was bad and I was worried it would affect me psychologically too,” Suarez aforementioned. “My attitude was not the same as before and nor was my intensity. But since November I’ve felt spectacular.” (Reporting by Richard Martin; Redaction by Toby jug Davis)