English performer and former manager of the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls Malcolm McLaren was pronounced dead Thursday morning (March 8) in New York after battling with mesothelioma- a type of cancer. He was 64.


According to McLaren’s spokesman Les Molloy, the manager had been experiencing from cancer for some time and expressed his hope to be returning to the UK shortly.


Malcolm McLaren was born on 22 January 1946 to Pete McLaren and Emmy (née) Isaacs in North London. He usually admitted himself as a leader in the capital’s avant garde art scene during the 70s.


McLaren was considered as a notorious manager of the English punk rock Sex Pistols who were propelled to No.1 in the charts with God Save The Queen in 1977. He became a household name in his own right after having brought together mischievous band members. He has recently attracted the public when he became the representative for the newly created London mayoralty in 2000. In his policies, the serving of alcohol in libraries was allowed.


Being expelled from art colleges several times and ended education entirely in 1971, McLaren said in his statement that his experiences helped him realize that “being a flamboyant failure is much better than any kind of benign success.” He started his career as a music manager in the early 70s after inducing the New York Dolls to employ him as manager.


In 1971, McLaren and his girlfriend, the designer Vivienne Westwood, opened a London clothing shop called Let It Rock sex on the King’s Road. In 1974, McLaren renamed the store SEX selling S”> 

In the wake of McLaren’s death, former member of the New York Dolls described McLaren as a visionary man. He added that the impresario gave the world incredible music, incredible style.


McLaren was also the manager Bow Wow Wow. In 1983 McLaren released his solo album Duck Rock which mixed up influences from Africa and the Americas, including hip-hop.