MY NEW VIDEO: Scenes from the World Trade Center Memorial/Museum

I really wasn’t looking forward to this visit all that much, I have to admit..

When I was there last summer ( I did not go to the Museum) the Summer Holiday atmosphere around the pools was a big turn off to me. Oh, I saw people taking silly selfies this time too, but the mood was more restrained and more respectful…Maybe because the whole Country is on edge about Terrorism again.

The Museum is a hell of a lot better than the reviews I read, but there seems to be too big an emphasis on money here… parts of it disturbed me very much as I knew they would…all the faces..all those forlorn little posters people put up after the disaster seeking lost love ones, Hope against Hope

There is a side room with a sad little slide show on the victims that brought tears to my eyes..

And, of course, all sorts of displays and diagrams and presentations I did not have time for, and things I did not want to see

I feel the Museum far exceeded my expectations, I was deeply moved…and the really bad reviews I read of it initially I do not feel are fair at all..

It is impossible to capture all that is there, so that is why I just called this ” Scenes” from the site..