AP Photo/Whoremaster Locher

Winning the Briny Result of the Planetary Series of Poker game is a life-changing event, only as 2017 hotshot Winfield Scott Blumstein proved, the ace playing at the last tabular array doesn’t sustain to be the simply ane that benefits from the rarefied plunder.

As an ESPN describe notes, a few of Blumstein’s friends that helped maculation his $10,000 ingress tip into the tournament are directly likewise vast beneficiaries of his achiever.

Just a few weeks before the set off of the tournament, patch Blumstein was lull an relatively unknown region fire hook player, grinding aside for hours at online hands, he posted a twirp inviting friends and following to backward his offer in the tournament.

Selling to the wsop main event. If anyone wants a assemble of the winner swoop rightfield on in. #primmedmind #simchanger #teamelite

— Scott Blumstein (@SBlum2711) June 21, 2017