Fire Engineering just ran an article entitled “12 Rookie Mistakes” ( such as “You Did Not Check the Pump Priming Oil”)

Wavepeg is the perfect place for people to relate their biggest rookie/probie mistakes

It is also a place where you can relate practical jokes played on other FF’s and really unusual experiences ( did you note the News article how the FDNY had to lift a 900 pound woman out of her apartment window?)

And there are also just little experiences that you may have in common with other FF’s without knowing it.

For instance, I was swimming at the NYU gym once and while drying off the guy next to me told me he had not been swimming in a while and swam for 45 minutes two days earlier” and I could hardly move the next day” ( this is a mistake EVERYBODY makes at some time, as i reminded him)

Then he told me he was a Firefighter from over at the Firehouse in the Village ( not that far from the Coles Sports Center where we were)

He added” We have machines to work out on at the Firehouse but for some reason I don’t like to work out there– I would rather come here.”

I’ll bet he is not alone in having feelings such as that. FF’s have to keep fit, but they may not want their peers observing them sweating and straining at close range or who knows what.

Remember, Wavepeg is the place to share information and stories like this!