Usually people look up their holiday destination (in this case Praia da Rocha) either before or after they book the tickets and with that in mind we want you to be able to find out more about your destination before you step on the plane.

Praia Da Rocha is positioned obat perangsang pria murah on the west side of the Algarve and is just over fifty minutes drive from Faro airport.

Praia Da Rocha started life in the 1930′s as a quiet and elegant resort. However with the opening of cheap flights by airlines in the 1970′s simultaneous with the upsurge in apartments being built, the creation of the Algarves second biggest resorts was accomplished.

So, why do people come back back to Praia Da Rocha year after year? Maybe it be that the Algarve only averages 17 days of rainfall per year? Maybe it’s the 2km long beach of Praia Da Rocha that people love to stroll along of an evening! Or possibly it’s the many rock formations along the coastline which actually gives Praia Da Rocha its name meaning “Rock Beach”

Whatever it is, we are sure that once you have been you will come back time after time to Praia Da Rocha like so many others before you.

Here in Praia Da Rocha itself the most glaring attraction just happens to be the beach! In the main peak holiday months please do not be taken by surprise to find the beach in high use from 8am until well after 10 pm at night. This may now get even later due to the amazing new “beach bars” that have been erected in the summer of 2006.

Outside of the resort you have many different things to do. For those who like a good walk you can go from Rocha into the pleasant town of Portimao which is a 15-20 minute wander. Alternatively you can get the local bus (LINHA AZUL) which translates to the Blue Line. This can be picked up at bus stops along the top road and currently costs ?1.20 per person, children under 12 go free. If you would like to return to the resort in under 2 hours(not during peak season) then just show your ticket again when you get back on the bus and you will not be charged.

You may also wish to lease a vehicle for a few days or get a coach ride to the marvelous area called Monchique. The Monchique range covers a wide area and includes FOIA which is the official highest peak in the Algarve. The views from FOIA are spectacular and must be seen. Dropping back down into the small town of Monchique itself you can stop into the little parking areas just off the road as many of these have Water Springs which tastes lovely and is very refreshing in the summer. Continuing on down the mountain you will call into Caldas Do Monchique, this is a Roman Spa area very popular with tourists and is a lovely shaded spot to stop off for a picnic or maybe a romantic hour with your loved one.

For those wanting a bit more action you can go “off roading” with one of the many local tour operators. This takes you off the beaten track up into the Monchique Range. The local fishing ports of Alvor, Portimao and Rocha itself have many boats offering to take you fishing at reasonable prices. You can also get a 1 hour boat ride from Portimao Marina which will take you into the historical town of Silves. They will usually give you two hours in the town before bringing you back to your original point.

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