Poem for Fallen Firefighters Weekend

In Memory of Fallen Firefighters

Where does this courage, this strength, this instinct come from
To rush into danger when all are running away
To feel the call to risk one’s life, limbs, lungs
To help total strangers–
Who may be of any origin, color or creed
Who may be what Some would call Bad or Good as people go
That does not matter,
These Firefighters, bearers of the Maltese Cross and
the traditions of so many– all over the world– with them
Have once again shown what the Human Will and Spirit Can Do
We Pray for the Them, in All the Seasons, All Over the World
And in Our Land of American Dreams
And for their families and all their friends and Brothers and Sisters in Arms
We Salute them.
And pray too for all who have worked beside them, and will go on
Following this Call to Arms, in, what has so aptly been called
“A War that Never Ends.”

Lawrence Kreger