Some first responders wonder why Republicans are so adamant in their opposition to the Zadroga Act as “an entitlement.”

A lot of the first responders think of themselves as conservatives but have never maybe thought through how this could come back and bite them in the ass.

Consider the words of Maine’s Paul Le Page, no friend of “entitlements” or homeless veterans he:

For First responders suffering from Sept 11 complaints, consider these words of Maine’s Paul Le Page : “The governor of Maine went on to say that “the worst possible thing to do for a homeless poor person is to offer them a free meal and warm bed,” arguing that “that will only encourage them to feel sorry for themselves and cry over their sad destiny.” He also added that “it would be more merciful to simply take a gun and put them out of their misery.”
“If you’re really keen on helping poor people, which is something I am very sympathetic with,” LePage also said, “you’d be better off calling them names and insulting them, but only as a way of motivating and forcing them to snap out of their feelings of worthlessness.
That is far more helpful than merely granting them such a huge favor as offering them free food. I mean, it makes sense that kids who grow up in poverty make far better workers in adulthood than those who are born with a silver spoon. And given the situation America is facing right now, we need all the hard workers we can get. So, it’s out with the rich brats and in with the smelly, hungry homeless people.”