I found it extremely awkward when Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins would create a statement about a new feature, or phone spec, and then he would start clapping and others would soon follow. If you have watched an Apple Keynote, you will know that normally the crowd leads the charge and rarely do you find the CEO having to start the applause. Check out this video to see what I am looking at.

The Motorola Android X has more substantial screen than its predecessors and allows users the opportunity to to attach a cable into the TV to stream videos, photos and games on the much larger screen. Unlike the iPhone, this smartphone does not have built-in parental controls, nevertheless, you can easily add apps from Norton and Kaspersky to add virus detection, as well as filtering and blocking tools.

1) Instagram them! Attractiveness of the Instagram tool for the iPhone and Android has skyrocketed, with amateur photographers creating instant works of art to share with as well as family the planet. Take your photo, and use the tool to manufacture a a retro-style look to it, exactly like Grandma’s variety of Polaroids. You can connect your account to Twitter and Facebook, too, and share as you go.

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The Noreen Fraser Foundation has partnered with wet n wild to make the Extraordinary #MOMents campaign simply women’s cancer research. Between May 1-12 (Mother’s Day), women ought to leave a comment on wet n wild’s Facebook page reveal a memory of much better than their mom amazing. All that you should do is share a photograph of your mom and then a brief story or “#MOMent” describing helps make her powerful. For each #MOMent shared, wet n wild will get a dollar into the Noreen Fraser Foundation to allow women’s cancer research.

The Instagram app was reportedly updated to version 4.0.0 of respective app stores. However, we observed that when we installed — fresh — Instagram on our Galaxy S4, we received version 3.5.3. In addition, a lot of the reviews from the Android version said that — while they received 4.0.0 — there was no video button on along with the screen.