In a way, Donald Trump getting Sarah Palin’s nod was more of a coup that people realize. It slam dunked another Trump “problem”– that “Women Don’t Like Him”– well, he may not get along with Megyn Kelly , but Kelly is not in Palin’s league..

Maybe Kelly should imitate Annie Oakley and dare Trump to a duel.

This may seem ridiculous now, but considering some of the women in American history,
it is not all that far fetched.

Take a look at this video of the women of the era back when Teddy Roosevelt was a Rough Rider and the Triangle Shirt Waist fire and the shooting of Stanford White at Madison Square Garden, and a whole different America than we know now…

(Photo: a demure lookung Annie Oakley. At his request, she shot a cigarette out of Kaiser Wilhelm’s mouth– or maybe he was just holding the cigarette ( or cigar)– at any rate, then people got uncharitble later and said she could have stopped World War One if she had done in the Kaiser at that opportunity. Different times, different– what is the Latin word ” Mores.”)
( French: Autre temps, autre moeurs).

VIDEO; Amazing American Women…Wait, there is a chain of videos here– you have to start at the top