A cop was on the stand in court being cross examined by the Defense Attorney.

The lawyer said, “Now, you arrested my client near the scene of the crime, why was that?”

Cop: ” Because he fit the description of the perp running away that had been transmitted to me by the officer on the scene.”

Lawyer: ” How did you know that the description was accurate? How could you trust it?’

Cop: “Because I trust the word of my fellow officers out in the field,”

Lawyer: ” Would you say you trust them with your Life?”

Co: ” Sure, every day.”

Lawyer: ” Well, at your station there is a locker room, isn’t there? And you use a lock on your locker?”

Cop: ‘Yes, sure.”

Lawyer: ” Well, if you trust your fellow officers with your life, why do you use a lock on your locker there?”

The cop thought for a second and then came up with this answer–

Cop: ” Well, occasionally a Lawyer has been seen to walk through the area!”

The court exploded in laughter.