Yes, NYC has local volunteer fire departments, maybe the most notable one being the “Vollies” of Gerritsen Beach in South Brooklyn. ( They ARE backed up by the FDNY, but the Vollies rush in fast to local car and house fires). The Gerritsen Beach Vollies have been in operation for 91 years and their FD/EMT operation is rather unique.

“During the year, we get a good number of fires from lint in clothes dryers,” said one resident.

The Vollies were awarded a substantial amount of money this year, one of the few groups like them to qualify.

For some reason, Gerritsen Beach was not designated at risk before Hurricane Sandy, which was pretty damaging for the community. But Gerritsen Beach has come back,” a community based on Faith,” as one local resident put it.

The Vollies were all out again just recently to douse a house fire that was threatening to spread…eventually the FDNY showed up and helped them finished the job.