– Zimbabwe’s merely speed get over is threatened with occlusion — highlighting how a worsening system crisis has pushed tied the hardiest of colonial-ERA legacies to the verge of extinction


Harare (AFP) – In one case the conserves of the opinion clean minority, gymnastic horse racing in Republic of Zimbabwe altered to live Independence in 1980 by attracting a truehearted next of local anaesthetic fans WHO enjoyed a count.

Now the country’s lone track, at Borrowdale external Harare, is threatened with settlement — highlighting how a deterioration economic crisis has pushed still the hardiest of colonial-ERA legacies to the brink of extermination.

“We do fear for the long-term survival of the sport,” in the lead trainer Bridget Stidolph told AFP, as she stood in the unsaddling paddock later on a rush.

“We often ask ourselves how we keep going, but we want to continue for as long as we can. Racing is popular in Zimbabwe. There is just no money for people to spend.”

As owners, breeders and gamblers completely rip out, the act of racehorses stabled in Republic of Zimbabwe has dropped from well-nigh 500 fivesome years agone to scarce 120 now.

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