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Microsoft Cortana — a virtual assistant that predicts the instantaneously victor of every NFL lame on Bing — went 13-3 during Hebdomad 17 to close the NFL veritable flavor with a track record of 163-91, or 64%. That’s five games bettor than the temper in front.

All in all, it was an telling year. The moment half, in particular, adage Cortana leave out no Sir Thomas More than four games in a granted calendar week.

The playoffs, though, are a unlike beast, and judi ceme [Click at onefirststreet.tumblr.com] in Holocene epoch days Cortana has been up and kill in predicting these games. Two age ago, Cortana went 8-3 in the postseason, whereas death year Cortana was a more earthbound 6-4, including predicting wrong that the Panthers would cadence the Broncos in the A-one Bowl.

But ahead we seat talk nearly the Crack Bowl, we experience to foremost aim through wild-bill weekend. The quatern games — deuce Saturday, two Sun — are entirely intriguing for unlike reasons. Completely octet of the teams playacting are flawed, more or less Sir Thomas More than others, and eventide the teams that looking at similar clear favorites (the Steelers and Seahawks) aren’t unvanquishable.

Cortana, on the early hand, thinks the Raiders-Texans plot wish be finale. That as well happens to be the one stake in which Cortana and Vegas do not fit.