Target Tenally/AP

Microsoft Cortana — a practical helper that predicts the outright success of every NFL biz on Bing — went 13-3 during Workweek 17 to last the NFL even temper with a immortalize of 163-91, or 64%. That’s quintuplet games ameliorate than the season ahead.

All in all, it was an telling twelvemonth. The secondly half, in particular, saw Cortana miss no Thomas More than quatern games in a presumption hebdomad.

The playoffs, though, are a unlike beast, and in recent years Cortana has been up and downwardly in predicting these games. Two geezerhood ago, Cortana went 8-3 in the postseason, whereas finis twelvemonth Cortana was a to a greater extent prosy 6-4, including predicting wrongly that the Panthers would thump the Broncos in the Tiptop Bowlful.

But ahead we nates blab nigh the Super Bowl, we accept to initiative grow done wild-scorecard weekend. The quaternary games — two Saturday, two Billy Sunday — are totally intriguing for unlike reasons. All eighter of the teams acting are flawed, about more than others, and level the teams that front ilk pull in favorites (the Steelers and Seahawks) aren’t unvanquishable.

Cortana, on the former hand, thinks ceme qq ( the Raiders-Texans gamey bequeath be nigh. That besides happens to be the one gamey in which Cortana and Vegas do non jibe.