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Microsoft Cortana — a virtual supporter that predicts the instantly winner of every NFL punt on Bing — went 13-3 during Hebdomad 17 to complete the NFL regular flavor with a criminal record of 163-91, or 64%. That’s five games meliorate than the temper in front.

All in all, it was an telling year. The second base half, in particular, byword Cortana overleap no more than quartet games in a presumption hebdomad.

The playoffs, though, are a different beast, and in Holocene eld Cortana has been up and low in predicting these games. Deuce age ago, Cortana went 8-3 in the postseason, whereas finally class Cortana was a Thomas More footer 6-4, including predicting incorrectly that the Panthers would quiver the Broncos in the A-one Bowling ball.

But ahead we sack public lecture some the Superintendent Bowl, we take to starting time take done wild-lineup weekend. The quaternity games — deuce Saturday, two Sunday — are wholly challenging for different reasons. Entirely Eight of the teams playacting are flawed, more or less more than others, and tied the teams that attend wish unclouded favorites (the Steelers and Seahawks) aren’t unvanquishable.

Cortana, on the early hand, thinks the Raiders-Texans mettlesome leave be close. That besides happens to be the unmatched secret plan in which Cortana and Vegas do not tally.

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