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The NFL has ruled that the Carolina Panthers did non offend the concussion protocol when Cam Newton re-entered a gimpy upright a few transactions later sustaining what looked alike a jarring arrive at.

In a statement, the NFL aforesaid that the Panthers went through the necessary medical checkup evaluations earlier reverting Isaac Newton to the field, and that he was non exhibit symptoms of a concussion.

After the determination came down, the NFL’s foreman medical examination military officer named kayoed “armchair doctors at home” WHO criticized the Panthers initial handling of the state of affairs.

The NFL has all over that the Carolina Panthers acted in accord with the league’s concussion protocol in their handling of signal caller Cam River Isaac Newton in the Raging Notice turn of the playoffs.

In the fourth poop of the Panthers playoff secret plan against the Newfangled Orleans Saints, Isaac Newton took a severe shoot that left over him dazed on the earth. 

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