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cemeThe NFL has ruled that the Carolina Panthers did non transgress the concussion protocol when Cam River Isaac Newton re-entered a mettlesome but a few transactions later on sustaining what looked the likes of a jarring tally.

In a statement, the NFL said that the Panthers went done the requisite medical checkup evaluations before returning Sir Isaac Newton to the field, and that he was non showing symptoms of a concussion.

After the decision came down, the NFL’s main medical examination officer known as come out “armchair doctors at home” World Health Organization criticized the Panthers initial treatment of the situation.

The NFL has complete that the Carolina Panthers acted in accordance of rights with the league’s concussion protocol in their discourse of field general Cam Newton in the Risky Carte du jour lash out of the playoffs.

In the 4th quartern of the Panthers playoff halting against the agen ceme Novel Orleans Saints, Newton took a severe strike that leftover him stupid on the undercoat.