Most people who study Art at all seriously usually take a Figure Studies Class where they sketch pictures of unclothed or pretty much unclothed humans..

The instinct of humans to cover their nakedness of course is mentioned in the Bible with the implication of “Original Sin”–which has usually affected the portrayal of humans in Western Culture

Other cultures vary…with , of course, Muslim Art traditionally forbidding the representation of human beings altogether in many areas

When the rediscovery of Greek and Roman culture flourished during the Renaissance in Europe, the question of nakedness or nudity in pictures came up as well…this went through all sorts of argument, leading in most cases to the Great Fig Leaf for male nudes (or drapery) while more leeway was given to the naked female figure, which has always been an obsession of artists in modern Western culture anyway

Art is very much in the eyes of the beholder, methinks, and my painting of a female nude I did while studying art at City Tech in Brooklyn is my attempt to make you aware of the naked female body but in a way that emphasizes aspects of “femaleness” as much as any kind of erotic depiction ( in our culture now I feel actually the “nudity” here is very modest).

With kids growing up now and being exposed to more and more porn and naked bodies on the internet, a totally different perception is being created of course

Anyway, this painting is deliberately “nude” rather than “naked” because I was more interested in spatial dimensions and color and other such things and did not want to the sensation of nakedness or erotic possibilties to distract from that

I am also not all that interested in the Design elements of art as some people are ( say Picasso and others of the 20th Century such as Matisse)– Design is something for me to have fun with, which I show in my cow poster in another peg