Unfortunately, we live during a time when religion divides people in an extremely malicious and violent way… that of course is nothing new, and some of our conflicts today are said by some to replies to past grievances ( the radical Islamist habit of calling all Christians “Crusaders” for instance). There is nothing new, either, in the most radical and violent people of any faith doing everything they can to bring attention to themselves, and to show their disapproval ( well, disapproval is putting it mildly I guess) of people of other faiths.
Whatever your religion is, or if you practice no religion at all, I urge to look to the most uplifting and generous spiritual messages in your heart, and to simple terms such as “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You.” I learned that from a third grade teacher when I was growing up ( it is always wonderful to have great teachers we will always remember) –and she was a wonderful example of someone who practiced what she preached. The world can use more of that now, more than ever. Peace, and may all the blessings of the Season be with you!