Nothing rewards customer loyalty like a free cup of coffee, sandwich or insert name of dozens of other inexpensive giveaway items here. So whether it’s through our award-winning mobile apps, website, social media posts, or maps, your business will easily be discovered by new & existing customers. Remember that such a program needs to be beneficial for both businesses. It aims to reduce the cost of living and to support local businesses.

Boost customer loyalty with unique rewards that fit your business and give your customers a reason to return again and again. There’s no point in making a customer loyalty program that isn’t attractive to your customer base. FiveStars is an app that allows you to earn rewards at some of your favorite local businesses.

Using this site for your restaurant reservations can encourage repeat diners who want to take advantage of the rewards program. They have preferred lenders on board who understand their LoyaltyCapital® metrics and who can approach if the business owner is seeking capital.

In light of statistics like these, businesses need to think about what they are doing to keep their customers coming back to their business. Promotional cards offer an innovative, targeted and cost-effective way to extend your marketing efforts, attract new customers and generate additional revenue.

This loyalty punch-card serves as the proverbial carrot; customers are encouraged to keep coming back for ice cream in anticipation of punching through all the holes on their card and finally receiving their prize. Learn more by talking to other businesses about this topic on the only free and private community for local businesses.

If you want to go higher tech — and a bit more hands off — there are numerous companies that provide customer loyalty and rewards programs for businesses. Loyalty programs are popping up around the country to reward shoppers and residents for a variety of actions that promote their hometowns.

Basically, a loyalty program rewards customers for repeat business. Before co-founding the startup, he was a consultant at McKinsey, advising large corporations on their loyalty programs. See your customers’ visits, purchases, and even time spent in-store, all in real time!

Punch cards are easy for you and customers to use. By presenting such a card, purchasers typically earn the right either to a discount on the current purchase, or to an allotment of points that they can use for future purchases. Because attracting new customers is at least five times more expensive than retaining current ones, customer loyalty programs for small businesses can lead to increased profits.

Small businesses like Tpumps are moving beyond the hand-punched card with customer loyalty programs. Tap into our network, send offers and drive new customers to your business helping to boost sales. In Singapore , the three largest loyalty programs are Plus!, WorldCard (aggregate program of Genting Resorts, Suntec City Mall, Star Cruises & Indigoz) and SAFRA Card.

Hence the card is the visible means of implementing a type of what economists call a two-part tariff Application forms for cards usually entail agreements by the store concerning customer privacy, typically non-disclosure (by the store) of non-aggregate data about customers.

Businesses that use LoyaltyLion see a 6% increase in annual revenue and an 11% bump in customer retention. Know of other cross-promotional tools for local businesses? It has relationships with 30 financial institutions and programs in about 35 communities, with business roughly doubling each year since its 2011 founding.