Stressful? Wow, yes. Dangerous? Of course. Chance of Burn Out and PTSD? Undeniable.

But Firefighting remains one of the most desired jobs in America when it comes to genuine job satisfaction. “The Brotherhood” is not a universally jolly crew, of course, and do not all get along as one big happy family all the time at any given Firehouse, but ongoing studies keep validating what USA Today recently printed”

Research published in 2007 by NORC at the University of Chicago measured survey participants’ job satisfaction and overall happiness separately. The most satisfying jobs were those involving caring for, teaching, and protecting others, as well as creative pursuits. The top five positions for job satisfaction were, in ascending order, clergy, physical therapists, firefighters, educational administrators, and artists. In the general happiness list, many satisfying occupations carried over, such as clergy at No. 1 and firefighters at No. 2.

Well, you may say, that study was eight years ago, but from all the visits and interviews I have done in the past year, I can tell you that Firefighters really love their jobs and let you know it..and are shy about being called heroes, of course, ( but hell, they love being heroes, let’s face it.

This short little interview I did last year conveys the kind of warmth and camaraderie you find so often among Firefighters: JJ and Stuart and FDNY Eng 16 L 7 on East 29th Street in Manhattan– where the local Firehouse is a real integral part of the Community…many ties to the local scene, such as the nearby Epiphany Church and school for instance– and more.