One of the knee jerk Progressive ideas that has to be debunked ( there are so many wrong cliches on both left and right) is that all NRA members are somehow “gun nuts.”

I played around with guns in high school with my good friend Paul McBride, who later became an avid hunter and NRA instructor. ( I am not much one for hunting any more, preferring a camera to a gun).

Paul makes statements that I find just funny and very apt ” If any of those damn drones come over MY house, I am going to get out my goose gun and take it down,” he says. To some, of course, this is probably just further proof that he IS a gun nut.

But wait,– even though Paul is all for open carry etc etc I know very well that he does not really want to HAVE to use a gun and is not a candidate for a road rage shooting or something like that.,

Paul does not go into dangerous areas of big cities “packing” to feel safe. He simply stays out of the worst areas altogether. This seems eminently sane to me and hardly the actions of a gun nut.

In a country where so many people own firearms, they need instruction and further training as time goes by to express their Second Amendment Rights responsibly…

The more people know about how to properly use and maintain firearms, the safer we will all be.

Of course, I worry about the current trend to want to have guns EVERYWHERE. It bothers me to imagine little children going in to their classrooms to see their teachers with gun holsters, or with tell tall bulges under jackets, etc. And, as I have seen, there certainly ARE enough idiots in this world who should never be allowed to have guns ( and not just people who are certifiably mentally ill, either). It is like with driving: most of the worst drivers have been found to REALLY BELIEVE they are BETTER THAN AVERAGE DRIVERS.

The more we concentrate on gun safety, like we should on Fire Safety, the better off we will all be.