No matter how you divine it, Kelvin Cochrane was fired as Atlanta’s Fire Chief for being a Christian.

To be a Christian, or even to espouse Christian values in the United States now seems to head the list of the seven deadly sins, making it eight, and this will never change until more men and women convince the young in America that their values must be reevaluated – the great exception to this are those who join the military and begin their serious life’s experience by serving our country – and must be redirected if ever our great experiment in democracy is to succeed.

The young are always criticized, of course, from rock and roll to hip hop, but today they are not working hard enough to raise America from what they have created, a country that is, according to Pearson, the 14th most educated country in the world and the 2nd most ignorant, a learning that pays little attention to our history and the history of the world, and to their absolute reliance on social media for their political views.

We need to give voice to the values that were shaped in our country as I came of age post WWll, values that were essentially shared by people of all races and creeds. When I was a kid the split in America was between good citizens and criminals, and now it seems to exist entirely between left wing thinkers and right wing thinkers. It always stuns me when I think of something original to realize that 50% of the people in America will be against it.

I met Kelvin Cochrane. I did not know why he was so ingloriously fired, and found him to be an admirable and reliable protector of Atlanta’s citizens, including those who fired him – and as you know, within the courage of firefighting, that is always putting your life on the line. And with Chief Cochrane, his job too.

Funny, his religious views created a great loss for Atlanta.