To all Kansas City firefighters, their friends and families:
It happens that our hearts are broken at this moment, for two strong and courageous men brought people out and then returned to give more of themselves in assistance and rescue. And then they were tragically taken from us. And now we are just one big prayer for their families. Give a special prayer and a pure wish of hope that their families are relieved just a little because of this great courage attached to their loved one. They have so much to be proud of even in these hours and days of unrelenting grief. They will have full external love and support until they can once again find a settled inner peace to replace the emptiness that was forced into their lives by this fire, and the great warmth and love that was taken from them on the other side of the flames. God bless these veteran firefighters, Larry Leggio, and John Mesh. God bless and protect their families. And God bless all firefighters who will walk again in their footsteps.
Dennis Smith, FDNY (E82 ret)