Not to generalize anything but following on about a recent shooting that happened in Philadelphia earlier today, where an “ISIS” follower attempted to kill an officer while he was driving down the road, he failed in his attempted and was captured by the local authorities.

Upon an early statement given by the suspect he said the following words “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State and that’s why I did what I did,”

So Allah made you get a gun, run up to a police car, fire 11 rounds and attempt to kill him…. (oh by the way you were able to talk to Allah and he told you to do this?)

This is some deeply troubling and questionable actions people do because of religion… Why do people do this, regardless of what your religion is or what God you believe in shouldn’t your actions matter at all? After all you are the one responsible for doing the “right” thing right?

Can’t we just be civil and good people not trying to push each other into following the “true religion” but rather understand the purpose of religion is to make you a good person.

Killing people does not make you a good person, and if your God tells you to kill maybe its not him you are listening to but your own misguided understanding and philosophy about life!

Religion is a path for you to reach enlightenment and to become good people who have a genuine concern for others.