Here are a few tips to help your body recover from fatigue and stress:

• Get enough sleep! Our body needs time to regenerate and replenish energy, staying up late can contribute to Fatigue and a series of medical illnesses associated with lack of it.

• Drink 8 glasses of water or more per day! No excuses find time to drink water and avoid soft drinks!

• Exercise and eat healthy – the only way to have a fit and healthy body is to exercise and eat right. As the saying goes “you are what you eat” so eat healthy food and stay away from greasy fast food or ready made meals packed with preservatives. Chose natural alternatives or health meal substitutes.

• Breathe deeply from the diaphragm. Take short intervals to relax you mind and body. Each time after you inhale try holding your breath for about 5 seconds (repeat 5-10times) this should be enough to give your organs the oxygen they need to be fully functional and efficient through out the day.

Remember: get enough sleep, exercise, drink 8 gasses of water, eat healthy and breathe deeply to reduce stress and avoid getting over fatigued!