I am always reluctant to praise someone from the Hollywood elite because of their usually arrogant political views. I do not care, for instance what Sean Penn’s or Barbra Striesand’s views are about anything, yet they are always trying to force their inanities upon me. Interestingly, at least to me, I have no idea of what Mr. Howard’s political views are, and if he told me I would tell him that he is a great artist and his views would always be of less import to the world than his art. This movie is a masterpiece of film. I do not know how he did it (he said much was filmed on a huge outdoor tank that was built for the storm sequences), but it did what movies often fail to do when they fail fully, and that is to make me feel I was a part of what I was viewing – and here I knew I was on a relatively small four master in early 19th Century seas and harbors. Go to see this film and feel yourself in the actual hours and days of our history.