Can all of life be seen in Hegelian dialectic terms? Hegel thought so. But you do not need a Master’s in Philosophy to understand that when you have a thesis subject like Pres. Obama, as the President relates to the Constitution of the United States, and his wonderfully natural opposite, Donald Trump, as the antithesis, because Trump has not made his understanding of the Constitution plain, you will see that the world of ratiocination requires a synthesis that advances the good to the same degree as the harm that exists. President Obama has been pretty bad by any definition that relates him to the Constitution, and his only opposite with the power of his bad is the good that is offered by Trump. By good I mean a benign good, only the opposite of bad, and not good as in how good is apple pie. In the end it will all come out Trump because the balance of the syllogism requires it: Obama-thesis, Trump-antithesis, equals only Trump-synthesis. No one comes close to the burden of the Obama Thesis except his antithesis, Trump, because Trump is benign to the Constitution while President Obama is, by almost every account, bad. It is the only synthesis that will exist in the rational minds of so many Americans. My advice: Stick close to the issues, follow them the way a tomcat follows the cry of the heat.