I think running NYC for 8 years without a hint of scandal, working closely with Ray Kelly and the NYPD to keep the city safe, working with the many racial divides and getting everyone to consider the interests of the city before organizational interests – these are just some of the reasons to like Mike.Of course there will be the usual accusations of too liberal because of his take on guns and abortion (no rights for guns and a woman’s choice for abortion). But that is the wrong take on Mike Bloomberg. He has built a successful empire, is worth many billions, is out of reach of the lobbyists and union and corporate interests. He is a clean-Gene in every way, with impeccable honesty and reputation. He knows the world as well as anyone. He would make all the right decisions about the proliferation of Muslim violence throughout the world. The police officers and firefighters generally and individually like him. He knows their issues cold. To smack him with a too-liberal moniker would do a great disservice to the country. This country need desperately a benevolent aristocrat, a person fully committed to giving his money away to the right causes. Maybe he will not de-fund Planned Parenthood but he will recognize the problem of abortion and work effectively in bringing the terrible and immoral number of abortions (something Obama is completely blind to) in America. I know that he is a little bit liberal in the way he is a little bit conservative and a little bit in between, but he is fully 100% a good and fair and just man. If he decides to get into the Presidential politics of the moment he will wipe much of the slate clean. He is the picture definition of viable alternative……..