If you need to get up early but hate hearing your alarm clock or phone, then try these tips out and see if they work for you;

1.) Sleep early about 8hrs before you need to wake up! Your body needs these 8 hours to rest and recover, getting the full 8 hours should wake you up rested amd ready for the day.

2.) Make it a habit to avoid sugar loading, foods that are high in sugar that keep you up and then drains your energy which leads to giving you a harder time to wake up.

3.) Dont endulge midnight snacks sleeping on a full belly will make you sleep longer in a shortened hibernation state.

Note: If you absolutely need to set an alarm, set it 8hrs prior to your sleep habits to ensure you get that 8hrs of restful sleep your body needs. That and so that you can get up at the first tone 🙂