Having an Ant problem?

Mix baking soda, sugar and a bit of water together to make a trap for the ants.

Simply mix sugar and baking soda together, use small droplets of water just enough to moisten the mix. put the mixture inside a used candy wrapper for added effect, this will trick the ants into thinking its left over candy and pick it off and bring it back to their nest.

Once they consume the concoction the backing soda expands in their stomachs killing the entire colony. You can even use syrup instead of water and sugar.

This isn’t a quick results thing but given time you’ll notice less ants than before.

Using this method will keep your garden free from pesky ants. Also good for protecting your pantry or kitchen area as well especially for the gardeners who have fought against those hordes of hungry ants that pick of edible crops or flowers. This may be the solution you’re looking for.