Going back at a fire at 2116 Morris Avenue in the Bronx that occurred on March 11, 1980 where Probationary Firefighter Joseph Aquino from Engine 42 unfortunately fell down an elevator shaft and was seriously injured.

In good fortune, miraculously, he lived to tell his story. On a similar note however just a few weeks after the April 2015 Newsletter was released a Firefighter from Cincinnati was reportedly killed in the line-of- duty because he fell down an elevator shaft as well only he was not as lucky as Joseph Aquino, who lived to fight another day…

“In December of 2015, a veteran Firefighter from the City of Chicago was killed in the line-of-duty by falling down an elevator shaft.”

This is another reminder to our brave men and women of the fire department, who charge towards danger while others run from it. You are humans too and even with all the courage in the world sometimes it is difficult to avoid problems in the field. Being careless is a terrible waste of talent and skill.

Please be vigilant to double check your surroundings, as you know a lot of things happen unexpectedly but falling down an open elevator shaft is just wrong, it could be avoided with the right training and awareness.

It was a mistake but a costly one at that, we honour the sacrifice but let us all come together to support our firefighters to continuously practice caution and safety at all times especially when inside a burning building so that we can prevent future incidents and events from occurring.

Please do take the time to read the April 2015 Division 7 Training and Safety Newsletter.

The life you save may be your own.