If my favorite LinkedIn columnist Margaret Ost can post an article about dating couched in demographics, then what’s wrong with pegging the same article in the Health and Fitness World? Healthy relationships equal healthy people.

Don’t know if she wrote it tongue in cheek, but Ms Ost makes some great points:

“Who comes to big cities? Yes, people who work for the United Nations, start companies and seek financing. People going to graduate school. Unmarried teachers and professors, divorced surgeons, widowed clergy.” (LOL)

“For inspiration I suggest reading the NY Times where they publish wedding announcements. Not everyone meets online.”

“Or you could go outside your own country and bring back someone to marry. Some people take more risks than others, however if you think it is a challenge to get along with someone who already lives here, it may not seem as difficult as if you had to find someone from a completely different culture.”

And finally, a caveat:
“As everyone says, you will always spend more time talking to someone in your life than any other single activity.”

Who would have thought there are more women than men in the dating pool in New York City?