Automotive Scientists in China have just announced a revolutionary new technology that allows you to drive a car using your thoughts to control it!

Its something straight out of science fiction and is an interesting concept that could be a plausible alternative to modern driving in the near future.

Currently more research and testing have been on its way to creating a thought responsive vehicle capable of responding automatically with the driver’s neural directions. Although this may be at the birthing stage currently information is circulating that the test vehicle can currently respond to basic motor command movements like moving forwards, reverse, turning left and right, stopping and parking.

As innovative as this technology may be automotive engineers are working on further developments particularly in progressive acceleration and braking ensuring that the car can be responsive and accurate but above all safe.

The downside is that this technology would most likely be not available for commercial use within the next 10-15 years for consumers apart from it being really expensive; this is still a relatively new field of study and requires a different discipline, training and “driving/piloting” compared to the conventional driving of today.