It was pathetic to watch Greta try to pummel unsuccessfully Sen. Cruz regarding illegals in the USA and how to round them up. He said five times he would enforce the border and then obey the immigration laws. That means sending back to the country of origin whenever someone is stopped and arrested for any reason, and also when they are searched for – in following the letter of the law. Bush the Last sent back 10 million and Clinton sent back 11 million. There are 10 million in the country now. Why is this so complicated for Greta. And what is wrong with having a policy of trying to send back everyone here illegally? Does she tell her children it is ok to have C’s, D’s, and F’s in school? No. She must say try to get A’s. It is a good standard. If you get C’s I will still love you. But the current standard is this: it is ok to get F’s every time.