The woman who some people might become the new face of the Republican Party if Donald Trump falls keeps going on record as denying Climate Change and making misleading statements about Planned Parenthood.

A recent Peer Review found Climate Change and drought were making the Middle East a more dangerous place, and this opinion has been seconded by military experts. -This is not to say that Climate Change is some kind of root cause of Terrorism– I feel I may be misunderstood here–(the whole bit about the Caliphate and ISIS has been brewing long before any particular concern about Climate Change was evident and the greater problems in the attitudes of most Muslims are more important

I am impressed by an article I read that evidence supports the idea that at least a third of Muslims –or at any rate 30%– while not active supporters of terrorism, are not particularly concerned about it and buy the ISIS line that is “Western Terror” that is the problem…this same group, with their hard line attitudes about Sharia Law, will probably never agree to allow women the kind of rights and opportunities they have in the West; and go along with such scary ideas that extended Muslim families have the right to kill members who are drifting into or practicing “heresy” in some way, much less adopting another religion ( an ever greater number of Muslims feel it is OK to kill Muslims who marry a Christian and convert to Christianity, for example).

This “30% Problem” is not going to go away and is something American policy makers are going to have to come to terms with. Obama is not dealing with it very well, and NOT because he is really a Muslim himself or some nonsense like that; I feel there is something about this reality that is so unpalatable to the “Progressive” and politically correct among us that they will probably never face it head on until they are absolutely forced to ( which will not be anytime soon, either).