For any merchant processing credit card transaction online, BINbase software is the best in business when it comes to preventing credit card fraud and reducing the number of charge-backs and fees. With access to a BINbase number you can find out all kinds of details about the credit card, the credit card holder, and the bank who has issued the card. Using a BINbase download gives you the power to be more productive in your business as well as protect unsuspecting consumers from identity theft.

To use a BINbase search, all you need is the BIN number from the card and the system will do the rest. The BIN or Bank Identification Number is located on the front of all credit cards, prepaid cards, debit cards and gift cards. It is the first six digits on the card and ties the credit card to the issuing bank. Access to a BIN database will provide you with:

-Access to the issuing BINbase bank identification numbers

-Search a cards issuing bank

-Check the card’s funding type such as debit, credit, gift or prepaid

-Confirm card subtypes: ATM only, classic, electron, business, gold

-Use BINbase checker to validate the card brand: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

-Other BINbase data such as issuing country, bank telephone number, etc

In short, BINbase software provides you with the kind of power that you’ve been missing when it comes to fighting fraud. If you have a risk management team, they can use the BINbase system to track fraudulent transactions by comparing a card’s shipping information to its billing information. As you probably already know, when a card is stolen, the thief will try to have the product shipped to their address which will be different from the billing address.

Use the BINbase list to find just the right balance between those legitimate card transactions where the card holder is shipping the merchandise to another address as a gift and those that are committing fraud. BINbase software will help to eliminate the struggle and help you to better manage your business.

As stated earlier, charge-back fees are one of the biggest issues facing merchant account holders. And BINbase software can help you to reduce these fees dramatically. Each charge-back can cost you thirty dollars or more. And what’s worse, if your business begins to accumulate a frequent credit card fraud, you may be subjected to even higher processing fess and possibly lose your merchant account all together.

You really can’t go wrong with BINbase software. You will be protecting your business in more ways than one. And set up is simple. Simply contact a BINbase provider to purchase a single user license or universal license. In no time you will be up and running, integrating the system with your own, and creating a powerful database of problematic transactions to avoid in the future. Once all is said and done, you will be in the best position to fight credit card fraud. In truth, BINbase software belongs in the accounting arsenal of every online business.