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Published: October 8, 2015

October 8, FDNY Chief of Department James E. Leonard, First Deputy Commissioner Robert R. Turner and many officers, supervisors and family gathered at ceremony honoring 28 Fire Prevention Inspectors at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn. The 28 inspectors are members of the FDNY’s Bureau of Fire Prevention, which is tasked with preventing fire conditions by enforcing the Fire Code and inspecting buildings, schools and construction sites.

“As we sit here and celebrate your accomplishments, new businesses open, customers were served at restaurants and offices continued to operate safely in high-rise buildings – and each of you has played a role in that,” said First Deputy Commissioner Turner. “Fewer lives are lost now to fires in our City than at any point in the Department’s long and storied history. In fact, earlier this year in June, we marked our first full month without a fire related deaths.”

“You are such an important part of this job and I recognize and I see the pride that you have in wearing the uniform,” said Chief of Operations Leonard. “Everything comes back to fire prevention – nothing happens in New York City without you out there.”

Chief Of Fire Prevention Ronald R. Spadafora celebrates the Bureau award (photo)

Chief Of Fire Prevention Ronald R. Spadafora celebrates the Bureau award.

“You really shown that you are part of the Department and that you are well appreciated,” said Chief of Fire Prevention Ronald R. Spadafora. “It comes down to about 250,000 inspections a year – that’s a tremendous job and you guys do it better than anybody else.”

The entire Bureau of Fire Prevention was presented with a special award, accepted by Chief Spadafora, for their work in inspecting cooling towers throughout the Bronx as part of the effort to stem the cases of Legionnaire’s Disease that appeared in that borough.

“I do believe that our job makes every difference and we do ask our inspectors and do everything they can not only to protect the City of New York and its residents, but also the firefighters, EMTs and paramedics,” said Joseph Rogers, who received an award for his work as part of the Bureau of Fire Prevention training unit. “its an absolute honor to represent the New York City Fire Department and to be a trainer – to teach the fine inspectors that we get, every day, how to do their job properly and protect the city.”

The Bureau of Fire Prevention’s more than 250 Inspectors are extensively trained in inspection oversight and reporting. The Fire Inspectors honored are assigned to Bureau district offices and specialized units.